Friday, April 26, 2013

it's been 10....

pounds since i last saw you, that is! i'm down 16.8. i've had some kind of energy shift that has enabled me to stick to eating light. i just need to lose another 16, about 6 more times, LOL. fitnesspal has been amazing, a few more friends have joined and supporting one another has been wonderful.

i haven't been back to see my therapist. my husband went out of town to move my mom up here and i had to cancel my appointment. i haven't rescheduled. part of me kind of really wants talk therapy and i get this impression that while of course we do talk, she really wants to move on to this other "work" and i kind of just need to do a dump sometimes and spit it all out. i'm not sure if i'll look for someone new or not. i'd love an eclectic therapist who isn't completely traditional but i don't know, just has a different approach.

my little has begun speech therapy! this was very anxiety inducing for me, until we had the first appointment, which has half of his assessment. i really like his therapist and he was engaged with her and i am learning so much. i didn't know what to expect of the process, but so much of it is her teaching me ways to promote language.

skipping back, yes my mom moved in with us! it doesn't feel like it yet because she often visits for months at a time but knowing she will not be leaving to another house, is very comforting. the kids are so happy. middle sleeps with her and oldest takes walks with her and she is a huge part of little's home speech work.

back to the weight, i still have 20 to go just to get to where i was before i gained the preschool stress weight, which is what i am referring to it as these days. then from there it will still be a long journey. i haven't incorporated regular exercise but i did make the colossal mistake of trying a crossfit class. i've been sore from working out before but this was brutal pain.

there was a living social deal and i thought i'd give it a try so i wrote to them and they said i could try a class free, then decide. i made it thru the class but a few hours later i was in so much pain, it was miserable. suffice it to say, i did not return. then i tried a class my friend teaches at the Y, on the gravity system. that was an amazing work out and i was able to appreciate the soreness of my efforts without hating it.

i really would like to spend more time posting about things here, if you read this, would you leave me a comment? my goal is to write posts on one topic instead of checking in randomly and throwing it all together. i'd really like to share our speech therapy experience because talking with other mamas whose children have had developmental delays has really been an incredible source of comfort and i'd love to meet others out there who i could share with and learn from.

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