Friday, March 15, 2013


so folks, this is me. since my last post, i carried on with fitnesspal and yoga, but i never ran again. then i had a bunch of poor eating days. not anything obscene, just definitely over the 1270 daily calories i was shooting for. that's me, i do well and believe everything wonderful is possible. then i blink and fall from grace. i seriously have contemplated if hypnotherapy could make me more consistent.

i had a therapy session last week and i didn't leave feeling as positive as i had the previous session. it was due to no fault of the therapist. i just had had a hard week (weeks, months) with my oldest and just wasn't feeling very light in general. she suggested we begin a treatment called brainspotting. part of me is terrified. like, what if some horrible self discovery is made and it is emotionally overwhelming. or what if some amazing self discovery is born of it. OR, what if the whole thing is bullshit. stay tuned folks, i'll let you know what's on the real.

i really want to find some time to talk about my tween issue as well as my homeschooling plans. i'll get a post up on at least one of those topics, before the weekend is over!

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